Forged a path of
success over more
than Thirty-Five years.

Hand in hand, with integrity, we collectively built reality out of a dream.

Many decades ago, we began to envision a company that would become one of the largest food manufacturers.

Our dream became a reality and continues to flourish through persistence, commitment, and true partnerships.

Our List of Brands
We continue to expand our basket at Amana Foods to include packaged products that do not contain meat such as chickpeas and beans, vegetables, peas, halva and more. As well as many other products and new specialty items, Such as different flavors of mortadella, cold cuts, canned and smoked meats.

Meat Products

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Non-meat Products

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We continue to prosper because of our firm belief that true quality of an excellent product depends

not only on advanced machinery but also, on human capital.

That is why we always strive to retain the most proficient and specialized workforce, emphasizing on commitment and academic qualifications. And we continue to work diligently to help them develop their skills further.

Quality Control
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