Since its founding in 1986, the main mission of Amana Foods has been providing food products that are safe, tasty, nutritious, and competitively-priced using the latest technology in food processing and in accordance with the highest international standards.

This philosophy enabled Amana Foods to become one of the largest food and meat processing companies in the Middle East. Amana Foods produces a wide range of food products, but its main focus is on processing Halal meats. It produces numerous types of refrigerated delicatessen meats such as smoked and flavored chicken, turkey, and beef hams, roasts, Mortadella, hot dogs, beef salami and pepperoni, and many others. It also produces a wide range of canned meat products such as luncheon meat, hot dogs, corned beef, chopped meat, and others.

Some of Amana Foods market leading brands are Hana, Bavaria, Laziza, Al-Mara’i, Al Basateen and Zester. In addition, Amana Foods produces for many other fine marketers under their own trademarks “private label”.

All the meats that Amana Foods uses in its facilities must meet its strict and precise definition of the word “Halal”. Amana Foods never in its long history introduced any pork or any of its derivatives to any of its plants and never will!

The goal of Amana Foods has always been to provide the most consistent food products. It uses some of the most advanced production and quality control procedures. This made it only natural for Amana Foods to be the first company in the region to obtain all 4 ISO certifications that are related to its work: ISO9001 for quality management, ISO 22000 for food safety management, OHSAS 18001 for operational health and safety, and ISO14001 for environmental management.

Amana Foods’ distinct abilities in production, quality control, and marketing have drawn the attention of many successful importers in many countries around the world. Amana Foods is honored today to have its products marketed in many countries throughout the world.

Allow Amana Food’s highly dedicated team and its three production plants in the UAE and the Levant region to show you what they can do for you and your customers.